At the end of the 1970 decade, computers to which we had an easy access were a few orders of magnitude slower then the PC on which I am preparing this page. Simulating many body systems on them was impossible. Attracted by the wonderful computer experiments made by Alder, Hoover at al. we did not like to quit. As a result of this frustrating situation an idea to create a mechanical, analog simulation of the hard-disk system was born. The simulator was created. It worked very well. The size of the system we could simulate was impressive - up to a few thousands disks.

What is needed to make the experiments:

1. a few thousands of steel balls - diameter around 3 mm,
2. a loudspeaker with a flat, stiff plate attached to its membrane,
3. an audio generator.
Design a flat boundary box whose shape and size can be varied and attach it to the plate.
Pour the balls into it.
Cover the box with a glass plate.
Put the box into vibration and observe their motion.

Using this experimental set-up we carried out a series of experiments. Their results are described in series of papers:

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Other papers based partially on observations made in experiments with the mechanical simulator

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